It’s commonplace for Client Services companies to use empirical data to win new customers, and yet rely on gut feel to renew and grow existing customers. The modus operandi entails Client Service teams building excel sheets to track client relationships and satisfaction with RAG statuses and recording where each team member’s time is spent manually on internal systems and time-sheets, creating a huge disconnect. When it comes to understanding how to increase retention, this is largely done by intuition based off strength of relationships and ad-hoc client feedback that is equally hard to centralise.

Whilst we have seen the maturity of revenue and conversation intelligence tooling from players such as Gong, Avoma, and Clari, the majority of solutions are not built to specialise in increasing customer lifetime value, and those that do, leverage product insights to serve SaaS companies. When it comes to Client Service teams, where communication signals have greater weighting to account health than product signals, there is a clear lack of solutions to help them manage and scale clients. Until generative AI, technology has been unable to accurately identify and interpret these communication signals for individual clients, with companies predominantly resorting to make decisions off ‘gut feel’, making managing client relationships and account management arduous at scale.

We’re excited to announce our investment in Kaizan, the verticalised AI solution bringing next level intelligence and autonomy to Client Services teams.

Kaizan’s Client Engagement Platform uses AI to learn from every digital interaction with clients, giving Client Service leaders and teams the ability to identify what increases client satisfaction and revenue, automate workflows, and get recommendations on how to scale each client. Specifically, using Kaizan, Client Services Managers:

– Save 5+ hours a week by taking care of notes, actions, follow-ups, notifications, drafting emails & answering questions.

– Get a a real-time view on the sentiment and health of every client, stakeholder, product and service with Kaizan’s AI Health Scoring & Insights, helping scale every client.

– Can increase their organisation’s productivity and profitability, execute repetitive workflows, respond to questions and populate internal systems Kaizan’s AI Agents.

The company is led by serial entrepreneurs Glen Calvert and Pravin Paratey, who have spent years building successful advertising solutions, including co-founding AdTech business Hybrid Theory. Throughout this time, they saw the inconsistent and often irrelevant data used to inform client health firsthand, resulting in poor clarity and automation for Client Service leaders. When we met Glen and Pravin, we were struck by their ambition and aligned in the belief that integrating AI technology will mark a profound transformation into client relationship management. As we move towards a future where Client Services lies at the intersection of human expertise and AI, this is where Kaizan comes in.

We’ve backed Kaizan as part of the company’s recent funding round alongside Jigsaw VC and other existing investors Charlotte Street Capital and Founders Factory. We’re delighted to be supporting the startup as they continue to better serve Client Service teams, helping retain and grow business at scale in a way that hasn’t been done before.