We’re always on the lookout for startups that not only have the potential to disrupt industries but also to create meaningful change in the world.

As technology continues to shake up every aspect of our lives, from financial services to e-commerce, the world of philanthropy has really struggled to keep up with the pack. The offerings of the dominant players like JustGiving and GoFundMe have become increasingly stagnant and transactional; by failing to innovate effectively for over a decade, the incumbent fundraising platforms have left donors and fundraisers seeking more. This is where givestar comes in.

givestar is a charity fundraising platform that is redefining the way we give. By combining best in class tools with an engaged donor community, givestar is on a mission to become the default platform for both giving and raising money globally. Founded by Alex Coleridge and Tom Montague, givestar represents a new breed of fundraising platform that connects up the fragmented ecosystem of donors, fundraisers and charities.

With a leading product that includes features like tap-to-give and split donations, givestar is making the act of raising and giving more convenient and accessible than ever before. Over the past year of getting to know the givestar team, we have seen them continue to deliver for their customers and partners with pace, adaptability and a new energy that this huge global charity industry has been crying out for.

givestar also recognises the critical importance of storytelling in philanthropy and is dedicated to providing users with the tools they need to share their causes and connect with like-minded individuals. What Strava has done for fitness, givestar aims to do for giving; a thriving community for philanthropy that, in time, has an opportunity to become the single source of truth for our whole giving lives.

The team are off to a strong start, having already processed over £13 million of donations for the next gen of fundraisers like the Hardest Geezer, whose Project Africa campaign running the length of Africa, has raised over £1m through givestar. With thousands of other campaigns on the platform every month, givestar’s sector leading technology has also paved the way for international expansion into the US, led by a marquee non-profit organisation with annual charitable revenue of $1.2bn exclusively using givestar’s contactless tech.


We’ve backed givestar as part of the company’s £2.1m funding round to enable the team to continue developing their category defining product and ultimately build a thriving international marketplace for philanthropy. We see a future where individuals choose givestar as their default and first choice platform, where user-gets-user becomes a powerful part of the growth flywheel, and which in turn makes it essential for charities, events and corporates to be active on the platform.

We believe that this is the decade of purpose and givestar is set to be right at the forefront of this shift in societal norms and attitudes. We’re delighted to be joining the givestar team as they continue to shake up the charitable giving ecosystem for the better.